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In fact, I’m so into it, I wrote this whole thing with my penis*.

*NOTE FROM FS’ LAWYER: Liam did not write this article with his penis. I used to remember seeing guys at school getting changed and I liked seeing what their feet looked like.

What this means for you is that we pack your orders the way we like to receive our own orders, so we take the utmost care in ensuring your goodies get from our HQ to your home safely and securely.

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"The more the world becomes one international, mega culture, the more I think people are seeking out smaller subcultures that they can feel part of."Like Mike Brown, aka Pie Man, who has discovered a whole community of people who get off on being "pied" in the face, or Balloongirl, part of an expanding internet community of people who give the term "blow job" new meaning.

FS maintains professional codes of conduct in the workplace, which includes no sex acts on the premises. A MILD FETISH Most people think of fetish and immediately conjure images of a man in a gimp mask, ball-gagged, strapped to a table being flogged by a big muscle bear with nipple piercings and a harness (don’t worry, we’ll get to that a bit later), but fetish doesn’t always have to be so ‘hardcore’. It wasn’t even specifically sexual at first; I was only about eight-years-old!

”It was only when he entered his teen years that John’s ‘fetish’ took a jump to the next level.

This statue is constructed from heavyweight polystone, and then painstakingly hand painted.

The statue also features a cloth skirt, synthetic hair and metal chain.

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