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but claims it was worth it 'cause he hooked up with one of Patti Stanger's smokin' hot co-stars.

UFC star Luke Rockhold says he got DONE DIRTY on "The Millionaire Matchmaker" -- and was made to look like a scumbag on the show ...Reaching deep within her ancient well of wisdom, Stanger spoke of the everlasting quest for love and romance, shedding light on what the human spirit yearns for and how to best obtain it. Does it have to be somewhere fancy like Morton’s or will any old Outback do?And what, pray tell, was the answer from the all-powerful one? If one settles for the latter, will a Bloomin’ Onion® have the same magnetic effect?And she also confirms what I’ve always believed to be true!The clients we see her matching up on reality TV are definitely not her clients in real life!

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