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I’m so heartbroken and want to know what I did wrong.Maybe they thought they were over their last relationship and they just aren’t, and it’s impossible, in their mind to start something with someone else. So, they date that person until they decide for some reason, they don’t want to anymore. Maybe in their heart they just can’t picture a future with the person. Dating can be very difficult in the sense that when people date, they are spending time with a person to determine whether or not that person is a good fit.Dear Dating Coach: I have been dating a 60 man for one and a half years. We are discussing marriage, but we have two problems: (1) his son (mid thirties) disapproves of me.In fact, we were scheduled to marry three times and had to cancel each time because my boyfriend's son "couldn't get the time off." He will not allow me into his home. I am unemployed and looking for work in the area where I live.The majority of people who have divorced (close to 80%) go on to marry again.

This means that your boyfriend needs to work out his relationship with his son.However, although remarried individuals tend to have better health than individuals who do not repartner, they still generally have worse health than individuals who have remained continuously married.As of 1995, depending on individual and contextual factors, up to 50% of couples in the USA ended their first marriage in divorce or permanent separation (i.e.You can support your boyfriend by encouraging him to spend time with his son and letting his son express the hurt feelings he has over the loss of his parents' relationship.I am afraid that if this conversation does not take place, the son will always have a reason to not attend his father's wedding.

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